Meet Saray

Saray Hill, IBCLC Lactation Consultant
Saray Hill is the Founder and President of her company Mother’s Utopia, where she offers pregnancy and postpartum support for families in the Greater Los Angeles area. She is an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), a Certified Lactation Consultant, Lactation Educator, Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, a Trained Postpartum Doula by Dona International and a Green Birth Educator and Eco-Maternity Consultant and Baby Planner by the International Maternal Institute. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics back in 2000 in her city of origin in Ecuador and attended the Lactation Consultant Certification Program by UCSD-Extension (University of California San Diego Extension). In addition, she is also bilingual in English and Spanish. She is the mother of two wonderful girls (one born at home) and has been working with mothers and babies since 2007 when the birth of her first daughter changed her personal and professional life forever.

Saray has had the valuable opportunity of working with families of different backgrounds/ethnicities, socioeconomical and educational levels, with individual and specific needs. She has worked in diverse settings such as hospitals, clinics, health centers, county and federal programs in NC and CA and ultimately in private practice. She was also one of the breastfeeding experts for Sixty Second Parent’s site and is part of the Advisory Board for the International Maternity Institute. She also continues educating herself in the areas of child and maternal health by attending conferences and classes and keeping up with the most recent news and trends within the maternal and infant care industry.

She has also extended her knowledge into the use of alternative healing therapies such as: the use of essential oils to improve her personal health and her family’s, as well as the implementation of Reiki, polarity balance, energy crystal and massage by top of the line practitioners.

Her Utopia happens everytime a mom, baby and dad reach that level of confidence where they don’t need her services anymore. She believes that parents nowadays are bombarded with doubts about their parenting skills, even from family members. As a result, their confidence is brought down and parental instincts distorted. Restoring their confidence and harmony with their inner voice and parenting skills is what makes her Utopia tangible.