All classes can be taken on-line, in the privacy of your own home or in group settings. Have friends who are expecting? Host a class or a mother’s group and get incredible rewards! Contact me for more details and for online and private classes rates. Classes are offered in English and Spanish. Para información en Español contácteme. For additional services click here

The classes will provide you with evidence based information and anticipatory guidance to help you make educated decisions in regards to your journey to parenthood. Handouts are included in the fee.

Green Birth Education (Preconception, Pregnancy or Postpartum) $40*

The GreenBirth Class Series is designed to prepare and inform expecting parents, new parents and their families about the unsafe exposure to potentially harmful substances in their home, body, and environment. Whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant or in your postpartum period, it’s never too late to reduce you and your baby’s exposure to toxins and chemicals. In this class, you will learn just that and how easy, small changes can have a huge impact on greening your daily life-style.

Eco-Diapering Essentials $35*

You will learn the different eco friendly alternatives in diapering among disposables and cloth. We will discuss all the various alternatives for cloth diapering and wipes. I will provide some of the best cloth diapers on the market for you to see and feel so that you can make an educated decision on which one/what combination of cloth diapers suits you the most.

Eco-Bath Time Essentials $35*

During this one hour class, you will learn the difference between essentials and non-essential baby bath products and save money by being a smart shopper.

Birth and Postpartum Plans Preparation $50*

We will discussed how to prepared a birth and postpartum plan that will ensure your entrance in the parenthood journey goes smoother as possible. You will have the tools to customized each plan and

Breastfeeding 101  $100*

This class provides expectant families and new parents with the information needed to start breastfeeding off right from the beginning. We will discuss the physiology of lactation, positioning and latch techniques, how to know if your baby is getting enough milk, sore nipples prevention, how to establish a good milk supply, the countless benefits of breastfeeding for mom, baby and the environment, and so much more!

Baby Care Basics $75*

Is this your first baby? Do you need a refresher in baby care basics?  We will cover the basics about baby care: bathing, swaddling, burping, cord care, feedings, soothing techniques, essential oils use, sleeping, ecofriendly diapering (disposables and cloth), SIDS prevention and much more. This class can be taken during pregnancy or postpartum.

Selecting The Right Pump For You $35*

There are numerous pump companies nowadays. They all seem alike and serve the same purpose: “express your milk”.  So which one fits you and your situation? Let’s talk about your needs for milk expression and which pump is best for you.

Going Back To Work/School? Know Your Rights! $50*

We will discuss how to continue breastfeeding and maintaining your supply while you’re separated from your infant. Handling, storage and transportation, thawing and warming of expressed breastmilk, and what California law says about breastfeeding and expressing at the workplace.

Starting  Solids $50*

Based on the World Health Organization (WHO), this class will walk you through the starting solids recommendations and give you tips on how and when to introduce solids to your precious bundle of joy.

Full Term Breastfeeding $35*

Wondering what is the right age and best way to wean your baby? Are there any benefits for you and your baby to continue breastfeeding past your child’s one year of age? Is it important? You will learn about this and much more!

Babywearing Benefits and Baby Carrier Selector $35*

Learn about the benefits of wearing your baby and how to select the best baby carrier for your specific needs in the comfort of you own home.

Mothers’ Group 

Listen to other mothers and how they have coped with motherhood, breastfeeding and much more!

If you would like to host a mothers’ group, or for online classes rates, please contact me.

* Group setting rate