Los Angeles Premier Baby Planner

Los Angeles Premier Baby Planner

Eco Maternity Consultancy & Baby Planning

As an Eco Maternity Consultant and Baby Planner, I will provide you with the resources, education, and support to nurture your mind, body and soul to help you make educated and informed choices about your pregnancy, postpartum period and beyond. In addition, I will also refer you to the best providers (Holistic and Allopathic) in your area so you can choose the ones that suit your specific and unique needs.

I specialize in Green Living and will provide you with easy, simple steps to reduce you and your family’s exposure to toxins in food, personal care products, indoor air, etc. Whether you are trying to conceive, already pregnant, just had a baby, have a child in toddler years or are expecting a sibling, the education and resources provided will make a huge impact on your daily life without adding stress in the process. Remember, even the smallest changes count towards creating a sustainable living for your growing family.

A Maternity Consultant and Baby Planner is not a health care professional; therefore, I do not diagnose or prescribe medication for any ailments. I will not make decisions for you or replace your partner. On the contrary, I will support and educate you on your available options to empower you to make the best decisions for your growing family.

A Maternity and Baby Planner is a perfect match for parents with:

  • Time constraints due to hectic work schedules
  • Moms on bedrest
  • Families who relocated and have no relatives or friends in town
  • Single parents
  • Adopting Parents
  • Expectant of multiples or with older siblings