What’s a GreenBirth™ Educator?

A GreenBirth Educator ™ prepares, informs and educates expecting parents, new parents, and their families from unsafe exposure to potentially harmful substances in their home, work environment, through their body, and the environment in general. I will provide you with the tools and resources to “go green”, whether you are new to the topic, have some experience or are well versed in the subject. You will learn what to look for and avoid in personal care products, toys, food, indoor air, etc to become an informed smart and healthy shopper. Be green and keep more green in your pocket!

You will also learn easy, simple steps to reduce you and your family’s exposure to toxins. Whether you are trying to conceive, already pregnant, just had a baby, have a child in toddler years or are expecting a sibling, the education and resources provided will make a huge impact on your daily life without adding stress in the process. Remember, even the smallest changes count towards creating a sustainable living for your growing family.

 A Green Birth Educator is not a health care professional; therefore, I do not diagnose or prescribe medication for any ailments. I  will educate you on your available options to empower you to make the best decisions for your growing family.